Doctor's Thesis

    Master's Thesis


Doctor's Thesis


         Switch-Type Vibration Energy Harvesting by Self-Powered Digital Controller

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Master's Thesis


         Predictive Semi-Active Vibration Control for a Multiple Degree-of-Freedom System

         Shape Keepers of Hollow Cylindrical Tethers for Space Debris Removal

         Flexible Multibody Dynamics based on Canonical Theory with Reduced Variables

         Switching Strategy for Effective Vibration Energy Harvesting Considering Vibration Damping Effect


         Effective Semi-Active Vibration Suppression Based on Predictive Control

         Damage Evaluation of Hollow Cylindrical Tether during Space-Debris Oblique Impact

          Semi-Active Vibration Suppression of Truss Structure Using Magnetostrictive Transducer


         Determination of Severing Criteria of Tape Tethers in Hypervelocity Impacts of Space Debris

         Semi-Active Vibration Control Using Magnetostrictive Element


         Performance Improvement of Electrical Passive Vibration Absorber by adapting Exact Designing Method of Tuned Mass Damper

         Dynamic Simulation of Flexible Multibody System in Airflow using Absolute Nodal Coordinate Formulation

         Shape-Extraction Method of Debris Cloud from an Image of High-Speed Camera in Space-Debris Impact

         Dynamic Analysis of Flexible Multibody System with Mass Loss Using Velocity Transformation

         Control Strategy for Amplifying Electrical Energy in Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting


         Modeling and Simulation for Vibration-Based Energy Harvesting System using Bond Graph Theory

         Effect of Configurations of Mesh Tether in Space-Debris Impact


         Application of Absolute Nodal Coordinate Formulation of Flexible Multibody Dynamics to Aeroelastic Analysis of Flat Plate Wings

         Correlation between Characteristics of Debris Cloud and Damage of Pressure Wall Caused by Space Debris Oblique Impacts

         Self-Sufficient and Digitally-Controlled System for Vibration-Based Energy Harvesting using Piezoelectric Transduction


         Energy Saving Vibration Control using Digital Processor

         Analysis of Collisions between Electro-Dynamic Tether and Space Debris

         Shape Control and Electric Wave Analysis of Deployable Antenna Using 1-D Model

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