July, 9th-11th, 2018
ISSNP2018@Harbin, China

Opening speech.

Prof. Tagaki was delivering his presentation as the first presenter.

During lunch break, I walked around the campus of Harbin Engineering University, what impresses me mostly is that every building looks grand and magnificent.

My presentation.

Group photo.

In the evening, I went to the zhongyang street with friends whom I was newly acquainted with at the conference. This street is almost the most famous one in Harbin because a lot of buildings of Russian style stands on the both sides. The whole street was full of lively air and there were also a Russian band performing.

Ice cream and fried ice cream. Both of them are very delicious! I was told that Harbin people like eating ice cream very much, even though in winter when the temperature is about -30 Celsius degrees. Amazing!

Flood Prevention Cenotaph which is located at the end of the central street and the bank of Songhua river.

We also visited a night market near by Harbin Normal University. You can infer how popular it is from the number of people in the picture. As people can taste various kinds of food there, it is sort of paradise for foodies like me.