Mr. ChenG and me participated in this conference which was held in Katahira campus. At the same time, I was also a staff of this conference, which is a joyful experience for me.

Prof. Sekimura from the University of Tokyo delivered the opening speech.

Prof. Hashizume took the chair in the first keynote lecture which was given by the Dr. Gail H. Marcus from Nuclear Power Technology and Policy, USA.

Prof. Zhou from City University of Hongkong, China, was conducting the presentation.

My presentation.

Prof. P. Wilcox asked me an interesting question and I hope my answer makes him satisfied.

I encountered Prof. Zhou in the poster session and I actually didn’t know who he is until I saw his chest card. We had a nice conversation and I never thought Prof. Zhou is so approachable.

Mr. ChenG's presentation. Look at him, how serious he was.

Prof. Li from Tsinghua University announced that the next ICMST will be held in Xian, China. Frankly speaking, I hope I will have the opportunity to attend it.