An Update on Molecular Machines:
     Open Challenges and New Perspectives

Experimental and theoretical research on biomolecular machines is entering a new phase. The understanding of individual molecular machines appears to be already mature. However, with the development of experimental techniques, it is now possible to discuss with greater precision than ever before. In addition, modification of molecules based on rational design is expected to advance the possibilities of application and a new understanding of molecular machines. Furthermore, new perspectives on molecular machines are emerging with the development of stochastic thermodynamics, information thermodynamics, microscopic control theory, and machine learning. In this workshop, we would like to provide an opportunity to discuss future developments in molecular machines.


    Aug. 4, 2022


    Room 2B Multi-purpose room (second floor), Electrical, Information and Physics Building No. 1 (D10)
   Tohoku University Aobayama Campus
    (about 10-min walk from the subway station (Aobayama))
(東北大学青葉山キャンパス 工学研究科 電気情報応物系 1号館 2階 2B ユーティリティ教室)


    Registration is only open to those who have been invited by the invited speakers or organizers.

Program (* = remote talk)

13:30 Shoichi Toyabe (Tohoku)
David Sivak (Simon-Fraser)
Welcome remarks
13:37 Motoshi Kaya* (Tokyo) What do the differences in the molecular properties of skeletal and cardiac myosins tell us?
14:04 Eriko Nango (Tohoku) 3D movies of structural changes in proteins captured by X-ray free electron lasers
14:31 BREAK
14:46 Sosuke Ito  (Tokyo) Possible applications of optimal transport: From biological data processing to thermodynamics
15:13 David Sivak  (Simon-Fraser) Energetically efficient rotation of F1 ATPase
15:40 Kei-ichi Okazaki  (IMS) Molecular simulation and machine learning of rare-event conformational dynamics of biomolecular machines toward controlling their functions
16:07 BREAK
16:22 Hiroshi Ueno (Tokyo) Engineering approaches to understanding the design principles of F1-ATPase
16:49 Takahiro Kosugi (IMS) Allosteric control of rotary molecular motor by redesigning non-catalytic interface
17:16 Ryota Iino (IMS)
Single-molecule analysis and engineering of molecular motor proteins


    David A. Sivak (Simon-Fraser U)
    Yohei Nakayama (Tohoku U)
    Shoichi Toyabe (Tohoku U)


    Shoichi Toyabe (please substitute _at_ by @)