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Research institute young researchers' ensemble meeting report

Research institute young researchers' ensemble meeting was held on January 21 and 22 (Thursday and Friday), 2016 . Initially estimated number of participants was 50, but after including the 2 invited speakers, it became 47. The program went on as scheduled without any difficulty and interaction between the participants appeared to have intensified.

The invited lectures included talks on introduction of production of artificial heart and talks involving many fields like material science, fluids, mechanics, biological response, and it appeared that even after the end of the lectures, discussion with the speakers continued in several cases.

Outline of the 10 topics selected for this year's research institute ensemble grant was explained through research presentations (15 minutes per topic) and there were active question-answer sessions. Furthermore, participants other than those who explained their selected topics also gave short presentations about their own research activity and thus it proved to be a platform for mutual exchange between the institutes.

In the study tour of the Kakuda Space Center of JAXA, the contents were planned to suit the researchers' interest and at the end, a program for exchanging thoughts with the persons in charge of various research groups of JAXA was arranged. A desire for cooperation from our institute was strongly expressed and as there are many mechanical graduates in JAXA, it would help if it was possible to consult our institute regarding materials, sensors or electronic circuits. However, it may not work as expected because of difficulty in understanding or unsatisfactory progress. Therefore, there were suggestions that we should find some way to facilitate further discussion.

Questionnaire from the participants revealed that the program of this meeting was of interest in general . Further, with regard to future grant offers, it was clear that the desire for applying will be high if a meeting is held.